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What makes a Photo to Art?

An artwork - most might think about canvas and brush, but also photography can get to art, if there are the needed requirements considered.

Gustav Klimt
Gustav Klimt

A snapshot or a remember shot are definitely not a piece of art, but what if a descendant of a world known painter would use photography as instrument to create an artwork?

Landscape photographer and photography artist Christian Irmler is the great-great grandnephew of Gustav Klimt (6th degree). He derives even from a whole line of artists. His great grandfather Heinrich Irmler was the physical carpenter of emporer Franz Josef, who designed the majority of the imporial furniture. His grandfather Helmut Irmler was a homeland painter in the Austrian Ausserland and a professor in art.

Irmler engages already his whole life with the artworks of his acestors and knows how to use composition, light and timing to let his photographs tell breathtaking stories.




What make his Photographs that Special?

Gustav Klimt
Christian Irmler

"Reality is boring. I rather bring expressionistic, impressionistic and surrealistic approachs into my photographs, which allow a totally other scope of interpretation for the viewer."

His artistry image concepts don't just invite to look at a picture, but also to stay inside them quite long and try to understand. These are the ideal pictures for the wall, because they don't only decorate the wall, they even extend the room.

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Sharper than each Monitor

High resolution photos - you might think of a modern screen first. But our artistry photographs are excklusively printed on high quality fine art papers, what leads into significant higher sharpness than on the best screen. Due to that you even see details on our fine art prints, which you would not have spotted on a screen. Don't confuse fine art paper with canvers. Canvas takes sharpness, fine art papers even supports it.


85+ Years Light Stability

You know these faded photos from your childhood or from your parents? For the used fine art papers we get a guarantee on light stability from the paper manufacturer for 85 years minimum, what makes our pictures to sustainable artworks.


For each Scene the Right Paper

As each paper has other properties, photography artist Christian Irmler consideres already - while he takes the photo - on which paper he will finally print it.

"This is necessary. The one paper constitutes more details in the shadows, the other supports the textures in the highlights. The darker I pull the shadows down, the more visual weight I get, for instance - which I have to compensate on the other side of my composition.".

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Landscape Photographer and Photography Artist Christian Irmler, photographing in the Alps of Austria


Photography Workshops and Courses about Landscape Photography

"It is an indescribable feeling as an artist, when someone wants to hang up my pictures onto his wall. But when some gets that excited through my images, that they want to join me on a photography workshop, to learn how I photograph, I feel massively honored.".

With his photo workshops and photo courses Irmler doesn't only give insights into photography for beginners, he also supports advanced and very experienced photographers to bring their photography to art.

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Landscape Pictures Fine Art Europe - Mountains - Lakes - Waterfalls - Woodland


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Landscape Pictures from the Alps

Mountains - Lakes - Waterfalls - Woodland

"For me it is not all about capturing reality, because there exists already enough reality outside of my pictures."

Christian Irmler - Landscape Photographer and great-great grandnephew of Gustav Klimt (6th degree)


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